Stormy Monday sounds better than Sunday. The seas continue to hit the shorelines, such as here at West Wemyss on the Fife coast.

Wild waters on the Firth of Forth this afternoon. The winds have been blowing every which way for weeks now and it’s stirring the sea up.



My sister-in-law and niece reached for the Coke at the same time.  

Ravenscraig-1-Nov15 Ravenscraig-2-Nov15

The recent fog is great for photography if you can be ready for the breaks when the sun comes through to provide enough light. There was the most amazing sunrise this morning as it broke through the horizon above the water and below the mist.  I watched The Theory of Everything at the weekend, which was brilliant; but as enticing as the science is, there are some days when the sun really does seem to be a golden disc rising in the sky just for you.

Edinburgh Window

Taken from an office in the old town looking across at Princes Street and beyond to Fife.

iPhone 6


Fuji X-Pro 1, 27mm lens, f.8

Cockle Picker 1 Cockle Picker 2

These were taken on a beautiful late summer morning with a super low tide. I am usually the one looking down at this beach as I travel to work on the train, seeing people out on a solitary walk among the huge expanse of sand with Edinburgh away in the background. But this day it was my turn to walk it. I don’t think these cockle pickers are so lucky: a large group of Chinese people hard at work, probably for a pittance.


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