Here are some pictures from the first roll of film taken with my ‘new’ point and shoot, a Rollei Prego with a fixed 35mm lens. It cost £5.01 from Ebay and has no instructions and smells of pipe tobacco. But hey, it’s a point and shoot. Having said that it does have some rather nifty little modes, like the ability to take a photo overy 30 secs, 10 mins or 30 mins. The film is Agfa apx100 in xtol for those of you that are interested, and I’ve made a few photoshop tweaks. My favourite is the one of the church and collapsed shed. Somehow the roof stayed in tact.
I am in search of the camera I can have with me at all times and thought I’d try a few out so the Rollei is the first and is on trial. I’m already a fan as I have a Rolleiflex TLR which is nothing short of fantastic. In spite of partly embracing digital I still get annoyed by 0’s and 1’s inability to restrain tonal ranges. A lot of my images are taken by the sea and digital just seems to blow out. My ideal scenario – a small, palm sized, film PAS with a class lens and a shutter with no lag.