The act of walking alone along the sea shore remains one of the great pedestrian romantic traditions. This was taken between West and East Wemyss, Fife, last weekend. Some asked me recently about why I don’t just use digital for all my photos. My response was I do – I scan negatives and use the internet to display images. I often use a digital slr. The discussion got on to one of the percieved great advantages of digital imaging, that of being able to see your image straight away. I admit there a real advantages here and the digital slr gets me taking photos of things that I would have given up on with a film camera. Equally valid though, I pointed out that there is another kind of memory card, in the mind, and that ‘card’ carries more resonance than the electronic one. Film negatives are latent images.They need to be developed, worked on, and I think that’s often how the brain works, if you embrace a little patience and allow yourself to daydream. Like you do walking along a beach, alone.