I’ve been trawling through my photos for a forthcoming exhibition. Having been digitaless for a few weeks means I am taking more film pics which is nice but has meant applying a different attitude and level of expectancy. With film I always liked the ‘delayed’ process – from taking the picture to seeing the negative to finally seeing a print. I think that is what is now commonly termed a ‘workflow’. Then digital gave me that immediacy which is also great, more spontaneous and playful, but I thought that the ‘have it now’ process diminished something inside my head to do with memory. But going back through many hundreds of kept pictures has rekindled that feeling of delay (memory) and I’ve come across images that I hadn’t noticed before, perhaps things that didn’t mean that much at the time but do now. I’ll stop now as I can feel myself getting all T S Ellioty, “Time present and time past” and all that. I’ll post some more pics soon,once I get my head around the exhibition.