I have been editing some of my photos from France. I didn’t get much of a chance to get out and apply myself to taking photos but did get lots of good family snaps and a great holiday. I did manage the odd moment of application to the art and this is one of my favourites.  When I first saw the scene and the quality of light, the resulting images looked quite painterly and I thought that I would make more of that in the post-editing but I’ve been working more to black and white recently and liked this result.

I still find this one of the mental struggles with digital. Everything starts in colour and to you have to work your way out of that. There are advantages to this of course but sometimes it’s easier to just have a camera loaded with black and white and then have no option but to work to that.

My next post will be an alternate take on this dilemma – a colour image that I thought would work better in black and white but in which colour won out.