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This is Izzawa (at least that was her email name) performing yesterday on the Royal Mile. It’s hard to get across the buzz of Edinburgh in August, you just have to come here and take it all in. Thousands of artists from all over the world – from street performers to the world’s leading conductors grace hundreds of stages and play to hundreds of thousands of people.

I was trying out my new 10 stop ND filter (a B+W 110). I have planned a shot like this in my head for some time – the blurring of the crowds with a static figure – and I think probably bought the filter for this exact reason. It was a steep learning curve – tripod, composing, pre-focus and exposure, then screwing in the filter (it’s like welders glass) – not at all how I usually work. 4 seconds at f6.3 or something.

I am pleased with the image although it’s not very sharp. I don’t know whether that is due to the focus or the moving bodies blurring the performer.