I have been going to a communal darkroom facility in Edinburgh, on and off, for a few years now. At the same time I have been squirrelling away ebay finds in my garage with the hope that I could set something up at home.  After a recent darkroom visit I got really fed up with another set of dull, lifeless prints. I had been split grade printing and pulling out stops to get an ‘expressive’ print but it hardly made any difference. The results just weren’t corresponding with the effort and £ I was putting in. Tainted chemicals, safelight fogging, temperature issues…? Too many factors but clearly something was up. I examined all of my previous efforts and found a similar story. A few on Ilford Mg Warmtone had come out well but generally my results have been rather disappointing.

So, here it goes…ta da…the Durst Modular 70 with an Ilford Multigrade head (£65) has been cleaned up and is ready to print. I have to spend some time sewing together blackout material to be taped across the window but after that I am ready to print…Chemicals arrived superfast from Ag Photographic and hopefully I can spend more time on printing something decent.