Cowgate from Greyfriars Kirk. Rolleiflex T.

Here is my effort for the week. Cowgate, Edinburgh from Greyfriars Kirk. My stock of Neopan 400 120 in nearly done, sniff, and there ain’t none left nowhere now. Rolleiflex T, developed in Perceptol. I have been pursuing a series of images like these for a while (3 years in fact!) and the sun is just right around now to get the look I want – shadows cast across high building facades.  I had taken the dslr out the week before and got some similar shots but the film ones are SO much better. No contest. It’s that range of light that I still think digital struggles with. Film, developer and paper seems to bring it under control. The mentality of shooting slower with a 12 strip of film also helps to focus the mind. I know it’s part luck that the cyclist is right in the middle of the roundabout, but I don’t think I’d have anticipated that with the dslr. I would have been staring at the rear screen from the shot before or checking the histogram or something.