It was my birthday yesterday (hence the blog title) and I wanted to go up to The Hermitage in Perthshire. We persevered through the closure of the A9 (a horse box had flipped over and shut the road in both directions; both horses were rescued and OK). From our side of country – east – the ‘how you imagine it to be’ Scottish landscape starts north of Perth as you get into the Southern Highlands.  A posh picnic in the car and a good walk along the Tay with snow falling, perfect. Parts of the forest looked like a scene out of Narnia and we kept expecting Mr Tumnus to jump out and invite us back for tea.

I managed to get some speedy pictures taken on the Nikon D90. I had planned to use the ND filter but once the sun dropped behind the hills I took the iso setting down to L1.0 (100 for the rest of us) and stopped down to f22 which gave me between 8 and 13 second exposures. The camera slightly under exposed but given it was in aperture priority I thought it did a pretty good job. A bit of exposure tweaking in Lightroom and that’s about it. I’ll head back soon to spend some more time there as these were taken in haste.