These pictures were taken today at Pettycur Bay which is one of my favourite Fife walks. You park the car at the harbour in Kinghorn and, when the tide is low to medium, walk out over a huge expanse of sand. There are times when you feel you could walk out to the ships in the Forth. I pass it most days on the train to Edinburgh and the view is one that makes all the commuters stop whatever they are doing – phones, books, kindles – and look out with a sigh. You always know where you’d rather be.  Today we took left over Tobelerone and chocolates from Christmas – always a good bribe to get the kids out on a walk!

The photos were spontaneous and lucky. I held the camera low, set it to a wide aperture and pressed the shutter. I liked the effect so I contrived to make a series of walkers in the distance but generally had to hope that some came out of the random shooting.