Mooring posts on Derwent Water, by Keswick. Nikon D90

We have just returned from a weekend break in the Lake District with friends, staying in a cottage in Uldale that had a lovely open fire. It was close to a great  pub, The Snooty Fox, which had wood-burning stoves.  The trip conveniently coincided with our home central heating breaking down, broken by none other than the Scottish Gas engineer himself. I am sitting here writing this with a woolly hat on as it’s -1 degree outside.

Taking photos with the kids and dog haring around you isn’t always easy – although this image has a sense of calm about it –  and as I looked to my left I saw my son quite far out on a deserted mooring pier. Just for fun he poked his legs through the broken slats which made my blood run a bit cold.

I took a number of pictures of these posts. It took a while to get a composition that I liked but even then I felt something wasn’t quite right. After a bit of cropping the square format came up trumps which is interesting as I was very close to leaving the D90 at home and taking the Rolleiflex TLR.