Locks, Edinburgh. Nikon D90

The owners of this storage room have obviously had a few security problems. I am fairly sure that they are, or were, the doors to the drinks storage area of a restaurant which unfortunately opens into the street. In Edinburgh.

I have been migrating all of my images from the PC laptop to Lightroom 3 on the Mac. The process was mercifully easy, even with my haphazard filing systems. I located the Lightroom cache files and put them on a separate hard drive and then pasted them on to the Mac desktop, put them all in one file and copied that to the general Lightroom file in Pictures. I opened Lightroom and to my astonishment there were all my pics. All 4,500 of them. All I do now is relocate files as and when I access them to the new location in Pictures.

It is making me explore lots of older images which is timely as my Nikon D90 is with Nikon for repairs as the internal LED viewfinder display stopped working. I took this pic in Edinburgh last Summer.