The camera is still with Nikon being repaired, or I hope it is. This, plus having a new computer, has given me more time to explore some past pictures and work on them a bit. Sometimes it helps to have a passage of time between you and when you took the photos. You can take so many that it becomes hard to filter and edit, and quite often they get downloaded and then sink into filing systems.

The biggest revelation has been the quality of the new screen, which makes me concerned about some of the pictures I have posted. I was looking at them through a dusty and faded 10 year old laptop screen that has been prodded and poked by chocolatey fingers. And then there’s the kids…

So, I am looking at photos afresh and getting to what they really look like. Plus I have also been able to do my favourite thing – darkroom printing. If I can set up the scanner I will post some black and white prints soon.

Take your time, Nikon.