Dysart, Fife, 2011. Nikon D90

Another that I meant to post but never did. Partly because I was never quite happy with it. I recently had a really helpful critique of one of my photos from Robin Gillanders, a truly great portrait photographer (if you ever see his book on portraiture, buy it, it is the best one I have read on the subject). It was this one:


and what he said is true – that in scenes like this you need to break through the line of the horizon. I like to study composition in art, it is crucial to a good image, but it is harder to get it right with a roving on-the-fly camera image as opposed to a painting or drawing for obvious reasons. So I like the photo, the way the figure and the posts all lead off to the left, but it’s not quite there. The best book I’ve read on composition in by Henry Rankin Poore. Old and very traditional but indispensable. Also quite cheap on Amazon 🙂