The train was crossing the Forth Road Bridge when I saw the reflection of the woman sitting in front of me, so I discreetly ran off a few shots and the later tweaked them bit using Snapseed. The plain monochrome version works well but I liked the additional treatment here a bit more. It was taken with an iPhone.

I haven’t been taking so many photos recently, being busy with work, kids, allotment, etc, etc. It seems I am always trawling back through previous month’s images. This one was taken in April, which seems like last week!

Shooting with film I am always way behind the curve of taking picture and presenting it. Digital is so immediate that it almost insists that everything you do with it is in the now. This seems an entirely self-created pressure that I am sure has many selves around the world, but the process of looking back and developing content some time after the image was taken is very natural.

I like this because it fits with a theme that I can see running through my work, which is of individual figures set against wider landscapes.