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London Skyline

London Skyline from Tate Modern. Fujifilm X-Pro1



Edinburgh Window

Taken from an office in the old town looking across at Princes Street and beyond to Fife.

iPhone 6



Back to my favourite time of year for photographing the city with the lower sun creating long shadows across the higher parts of the city.

Lothian Road, Edinburgh, iPhone

This is my one, ongoing, coherent project that I am working on about Edinburgh and the way shadows fall on the city at certain times of year. And now is that time, when the low winter sun casts long shadows across the streets. I put a heavily processed version of this image on Tumblr, but having looked at both I prefer this simpler black and white version. It was taken using the  Hipstamatic app – GSquad ‘Lens’ with Claunch 72 ‘film’. It was taken fresh today and the original is slightly warmer toned than this so I took some colour out in Lightroom.

It was sub-zero on the street but I stuck around a specific area hoping something would come together. I took quite a few iPhone pics and also some on the Rolleiflex. I am looking forward to seeing how they come out but suspect they won’t have the impact that this one has. Just as I was about to head back to my desk, a guy in a long winter coat and trilby style hat walked into the frame, echoing the image on the poster.


I took this picture through the window of the ferry as we sailed out of the harbour on our Summer holiday. It was so gloomy but I liked the flat greys and the view of the seafront through the rainy window. I used to travel over from Gosport to Portsmouth for 5 years as I went to school there so the views always remind me of those times. They weren’t at all gloomy, but weather is weather and there’s no point trying to hide it.

Bus Shelter with silhouettes. iPhone

I took this photo on the way back to the office after a meeting, in the gloomy dark of a wintery late afternoon. The bus shelter must have been warm as it had steamed up, adding some substance to the glass on which the silhouettes presented themselves.  I like the sense it gives of Edinburgh’s old town.

I spent Friday afternoon in Edinburgh on a photo tour around the city with the brothers- in-law. It was hard getting images that I was happy with. The weather was dull and grey and as I photograph the city a lot it is hard to spark ideas when you are part of a group and the light isn’t there. I came away with a couple of shots that have the feel of Ian Rankin’s Edinburgh rather than the tourist’s. And a crow that I was chasing while waiting for one of the others to catch up!

Here are three photos taken from The London Eye late last year. I was in London with the boys on our way down south and we did a bit of sightseeing. I thought I would keep the London Eye as a surprise so struggled there with a lot of luggage plus a nine and a seven year old. When I told them what we were doing, the youngest refused to go on because he has seen it come crashing down at the end of the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. At the end of the negotiation session I managed to persuade him on with the agreement that he could have a Crunchie bar. What made it sweet for me was a chinese guy gave me 3 tickets that he didn’t have time to use so we got on for free. I took as karma for something nice I must have done for someone else.

West Port, Edinburgh, iPhone

I was coming back across town from a meeting on Friday. The weather was amazing – great blobs of rain coming down in localised patches across a bright wall of sun. It is often said, and I agree with this, that the best camera is the one you have on you. iPhones are great street cameras, the image quality is fine and they are small, fast and discreet. I’d have been worried about getting the DLSR out in these conditions.

I’ve got a tumblr account which I use for my iPhone photos so feel free to browse  …