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My sister-in-law and niece reached for the Coke at the same time.  


Lothian Road, Edinburgh, iPhone

This is my one, ongoing, coherent project that I am working on about Edinburgh and the way shadows fall on the city at certain times of year. And now is that time, when the low winter sun casts long shadows across the streets. I put a heavily processed version of this image on Tumblr, but having looked at both I prefer this simpler black and white version. It was taken using the  Hipstamatic app – GSquad ‘Lens’ with Claunch 72 ‘film’. It was taken fresh today and the original is slightly warmer toned than this so I took some colour out in Lightroom.

It was sub-zero on the street but I stuck around a specific area hoping something would come together. I took quite a few iPhone pics and also some on the Rolleiflex. I am looking forward to seeing how they come out but suspect they won’t have the impact that this one has. Just as I was about to head back to my desk, a guy in a long winter coat and trilby style hat walked into the frame, echoing the image on the poster.


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Down on the Fife coast, through obscure paths by Aberdour, there are old wartime bunkers; nestled together and overgrown with brambles and other easy running plants. These are the places that young minds dream of – secretive, derelict spaces. How much more damage can you do here? But they aren’t damaged, they become an illicit canvas for minds wanting to address the big questions from death to sushi.

My son at the window of a friend's house. Contax G2

We visit Orkney every so often to visit friends. Not as often as I’d like as they are great people up there, and the islands are fascinating. I studied ancient history and archaeology and while I was never a dedicated scholar to the subject I do have a genuine interest in past times and how they relate to our lives today – seeing how people lived, what they wrote about, what they ate, drank and felt was important. The tale of Beowulf is still told today, it’s just dressed up differently.


Here’s a link to the Travel Photographer of the Year competition. There are some stunning images, but I especially like the black and white ones towards the end.

BBC Website Link

I caught this on yesterday’s bbc website. It’s all too short but gives a good glimpse into working in the darkroom. I couldn’t get my head around how he produced the one print from multiple negatives – he/the editing made it look very easy.

Chris Nash Windows

Chris Nash Flash

“Photographer Chris Nash has an interest in dance and demonstrates how works with dancers to get the best photograph. We see how he develops his photographs in the dark room, giving him opportunities to create different effects. He shows how to develop a contact print and produces a collage of images creating a range of abstract figures.”

>There is a fascinating book called Photo Trouvée which is worth exploring. I recently came across the work of Corrinne Vionnet who takes the idea many stages further. More ‘photos recyclées’, in her series Photo Opportunities she scours the internet for images taken by others of famous landmark sites throughout the world and fuses them into one image. What is fasinating is how she manages to collect so many that must be quite similar in their composition to create the finished artwork.