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Cockle Picker 1 Cockle Picker 2

These were taken on a beautiful late summer morning with a super low tide. I am usually the one looking down at this beach as I travel to work on the train, seeing people out on a solitary walk among the huge expanse of sand with Edinburgh away in the background. But this day it was my turn to walk it. I don’t think these cockle pickers are so lucky: a large group of Chinese people hard at work, probably for a pittance.


With Halloween approaching I thought this had a suitably spooky feel about it. I also had one from the iPhone using Hipstamatic app with the tintype pack which I like but perhaps the heavy effect detracts from the quiet scene.


Taken in the New Forest. On holiday and enjoying walks and a light camera bag consisting of an iPhone! Will post more as I go.


I can’t remember re-blogging a photo through my site for a while but I just have to with this extraordinary image via the Broken Light Collective …

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Quita, a teenager from England. She has experienced severe self esteem and confidence issues since she was 14-years-old, around the start of her first set of formal exams. Although she wasn’t failing her subjects, the pressure of doing well whilst also keeping up with all her friends started to overcome her and she ended up diagnosed with major depression. She thinks it’s harder to go through than many others think. She found it hard to talk to her mum about what she was feeling because she wasn’t sure herself, and it upset her mum to know Quita was going through things she couldn’t change. Quita has recently started to overcome some of her struggles with the help of her supportive boyfriend, along with photography. Taking photos has helped with her feeling of isolation, and she appreciates the freedom it gives her.

About this photo: “I call…

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A gaggle has to contain at least 5 geese, so I read. This was taken in France in the summer on a donkey farm in the Vendée. It is a bit pictorial for me but I do like it because I had a photo of mine critiqued by a highly regarded portrait photographer last year – which also happened to be a photo from France – and his comment was that I should experiment more with breaking up horizons and horizontals which I think I’ve done here. It seems to work. I know what he means. It’s just trying to achieve that when you on the trot with kids, the rain is coming down in lines, etc., isn’t that easy! I think it is one of those things that you have to work at until it becomes more instinctive.

A quick plug for my new other blog about food.

The Mushy Pea

It’s kind of beta stage at the moment, you know how it is when you start with a new theme. Rather than have recipes and pics and all that, I was so incensed by the news about Glencore today that I found the thing I was looking for – food stories, ethics, culture, economics. I think it will be easier to post to as well as it’s quite quick to ‘Press This’. I’d love if it you had a quick look and let me know your honest thoughts…

ta, Karl

if anyone wants a great set of street photography images then you could do a lot worse than buying this…I love Claire’s work.


And what’s stranger is that this looks more freaky viewed as an on screen photo than in real life. There were other distractions at the science centre to allow your eyes to drift.  Taken at the Glasgow Science Centre (top place for a day out).


It was late afternoon and the sun had sunk below the horizon taking the temperature with it. I found this old desk intriguing, with the ropes leading in and out of the frame.