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From the allotment, and a complete break with my usual style here. I was playing around with Lightroom settings and when it comes to colour I tend to go for extremes. Perhaps being slightly colour-blind has something to do with it – unable to differentiate the subtleties of some hues I just crank it up to avoid any doubt!

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My photography time has taken bit of a hit with trying to squeeze in my new allotment along with everything else in my life. Things have to give, which is fine, but being someone who always takes pictures somehow or other I thought that at some point I would get some prints made of how things are progressing. We all took possession of our plots sometime around March this year. It isn’t strictly speaking an allotment area, but the ‘Kirkcaldy Walled Garden’, which sounds posher but is still basically a set of plots within walled grounds within the beautiful Ravenscraig Park. The transformation from weed-filled fields to vibrant summer gardens has been amazing and here are a few images that show some of the things being grown. It is so lush and green, speckled with colours, but for me black and white still explains things better. The greens and greys of the British landscape are just too dominant to make decent images, and a sunflower is still yellow even with the colour taken away.