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Fuji X-Pro 1, 27mm lens, f.8


White Sails

I was wishing like mad that I had the Nikon with me as I could have done more with the white sails against the dark sky over The Solent. But I only had the iPhone.

Resolution #whatever: make more photos and post them!



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We have had one warm sunny day in what feels like an age, and the light was great – bright but with a bit of mist out on the sea. My dog is getting used to the the routine: walk, photos, walk. He usually does his best to get in the frame but he was more interested in the remains of a sandwich in a bag under a boat.



Boats, reflected in the water of Dysart Harbour, Fife. I had also been trying out some longer exposures using a 10 stop ND filter, a couple of which I shall post in due course. These ones were much better without the filter as everything became too blurred in the gently moving water and it just looked like a poor handheld shot. The photo was flipped over to create the feel of abstracted objects in the sky


Here is another scene from the local harbour in Dysart. This is about as action packed as things get on a nice day.


I tend to explore the same places again and again with the camera. A lot of my photographs are taken in a relatively small geographical area – Ravenscraig Park, Dysart Harbour, the Fife coast and woods. Dog walks basically!