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Wouldn’t you just love to do this?!


Burntisland, April 2011. Nikon D90

After a lengthy visit it Nikon Servicing I was re-united with my D90 last week so I’ve been snapping again. I’ve been posting iPhone pics to Tumblr but have neglected this blog for a while and have also been away.

I took this last Saturday. We had friends staying and everyone migrated to the play park with the kids. I held back as I was intrigued by this wonderful looking Polish grandmother watching her son and grandchildren play on the sands from the promenade. She couldn’t make it down and probably couldn’t hear them, so the child came to the steps to tell her something.

Robert Louis Stevenson had a grudge against the Scottish weather, in particular here on the east coast, which he described as having ‘one of the vilest climates under heaven’. Here is a shot taken at the end of July looking across to the promenade in Kirkcaldy. RLS got the summer spot on: ‘shifty and ungenial’. The cold sea fog is called the haar and it appears out of the east, a spiteful gift from the north sea when the sun shines and dares to warm our faces. I’ve got it into my head that we must somehow anger the sun god, to whom I am particularly worshipful.


I’ve been developing a few ideas, one of which is photos from moving windows. Here is a gas tank that supplies ships at Burntisland, Fife. I’m trying to get a feel of what I see each day that interests me. Part of the remit of daydreamers. If you want to see some really great images of views from moving trains then check out Walker Evans’ series.