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Some pretty amazing colours here in our Fife woodlands.

The Lake District Lakes-2 Lakes-3

Here are three images from the top of Haystacks in the Lake District. This was my version of a stag weekend before getting married and my friends were at pains (literally) to point out their suffering of a weekend of arduous walking. Fortunately their shortness of breath meant the comments were few and far between 🙂


The boys had been on a laserquest outing for their cousin’s birthday. When I returned to get them a wet mist had moved in and I didn’t have to walk far into the woods to find some eery scenes.


From a stone paving slab in the grounds of the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney. I’d like to claim credit for it but I saw my friend Rachel taking a picture and I hovered over her shoulder and she showed me what she had seen. I have worked away at the image to give it that feeling of a northern night.

Taken in the New Forest. On holiday and enjoying walks and a light camera bag consisting of an iPhone! Will post more as I go.


silversands2   Here are 2
other images from Silversands, Aberdour, taken last week. I have
been sitting here for a while playing around with different formats
– 4×5 and square – but I came back to being closer to the original
35mm format as I wanted to maintain the sense of the wide,
expansive view of the sea. silversands3

Beath Cemetery


I had dropped the boys at their judo class and had the best part of an hour to kill. Right next to the school in Cowdenbeath lies the cemetery. One of the things I love about photographing in snow is the new lines that emerge in the landscape, lines that you might not notice when things are green and grey. I used the time to try out the Fieldcam app for the iPad. It’s fun enough and has lots of ‘buttons’ and ‘switches’ that are meant to offer more manual control. But having taken the pictures I always return to the same point with digital images – that you do most of the work after the event. More so than with film, although accepting that you can do a lot after ‘the moment’ I still tend to imagine more about how the image will look before, or really as, I am taking it. Post-processing as it has become. So I tried out both Adobe PS express and Snapseed to see what I could make from this:



I had taken quite a few pictures and as the light dimmed the quality of the images deteriorated into noisy grey mush. No surprise, film emulsions would have coped no better with handheld 1/15th second at dusk using a large camera. The main picture above is using Adobe PS. I then had a go in Snapseed using similar controls.


It has slightly less contrast. I prefer Snapseed’s border offerings but overall like it without as well. I am no expert so perhaps if I could add a very thin plain black border in PS Express then that would be good. It needs something to contain the whiteness but border selections aren’t very subtle.

Fieldcam is definitely worth a couple of pounds and it does have many advantages over the basic in-house camera with excellent focus and exposure settings, but to be honest I am not convinced with in-camera style apps as opposed to just using the iPad or iPhone camera and then using a processing app afterwards

From Benarty 2


This is a great Fife walk, up through Benarty Woods and across the hill. On a good day you can see across to Edinburgh and the Pentlands looking south, and then turn around and look north across Loch Leven.



They didn’t look that murderous from way up on the hill above Benarty Wood in Fife. There seems to be no definitive reason for calling a group of crows a murder, but plenty of associations with the darker side of mythology such as Morrigan, the Irish ‘goddess’ of war, death and sovereignty.

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