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Japanese Garden, Cowden, Scotland.


Some pretty amazing colours here in our Fife woodlands.


i had to skilfully skip over a tree trunk that lay across a stream to get to this area that caught my eye: a large pond tucked away beyond the path. I thought there would be some interesting reflections in the still water but it was the angular branches crossing at head height that made better pictures. The rest was too crowded and confusing, although I quite liked this fallen tree…



The boys had been on a laserquest outing for their cousin’s birthday. When I returned to get them a wet mist had moved in and I didn’t have to walk far into the woods to find some eery scenes.



This was taken in July on our visit to Orkney.  It was just off the coastal path from near a collapsed sea stack called The Gloup on the far east of the East Mainland. I was struggling to keep the tripod from moving in the wind. I took a few and this one was the sharpest (although not so much when you zoom in!). There is an echo of the previous photo’s composition in this (see Moon Over Orkney).



From the allotment, and a complete break with my usual style here. I was playing around with Lightroom settings and when it comes to colour I tend to go for extremes. Perhaps being slightly colour-blind has something to do with it – unable to differentiate the subtleties of some hues I just crank it up to avoid any doubt!



Oh no, this isn’t going well. I was trying to pull together a set of coastal images to send to a magazine. I started by revisiting some early DSLR pics and just keep finding lots of other images that I had forgotten about. So many lovely pics of my boys and plenty of other stuff too. Like a baby frog sitting on my brother-in-law’s hand.


Wouldn’t you just love to do this?!

From Benarty 2


This is a great Fife walk, up through Benarty Woods and across the hill. On a good day you can see across to Edinburgh and the Pentlands looking south, and then turn around and look north across Loch Leven.

farm landscape