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Taken from the window of our friends’ house. Their chickens were amusing but cheeky too. They had recently destroyed an outdoor buffet spread by running across the table stealing food and trashing the rest; and you had to be vigilant when eating your dinner in case something disappeared from the plate.


The Sun as a Heart

Another Orkney photo. I am now convinced that Orkney is a place where magical coincidences can be found more frequently than other places I visit. As you can imagine it was fiendishly difficult to get a decent exposure of the sun as the speed just meant blacking out everything else. But I was sure I saw something in the reflections and persevered while trying to avoid burning the retinas in my eyes.



This was taken in July on our visit to Orkney. ┬áIt was just off the coastal path from near a collapsed sea stack called The Gloup on the far east of the East Mainland. I was struggling to keep the tripod from moving in the wind. I took a few and this one was the sharpest (although not so much when you zoom in!). There is an echo of the previous photo’s composition in this (see Moon Over Orkney).


From a stone paving slab in the grounds of the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney. I’d like to claim credit for it but I saw my friend Rachel taking a picture and I hovered over her shoulder and she showed me what she had seen. I have worked away at the image to give it that feeling of a northern night.

My son at the window of a friend's house. Contax G2

We visit Orkney every so often to visit friends. Not as often as I’d like as they are great people up there, and the islands are fascinating. I studied ancient history and archaeology and while I was never a dedicated scholar to the subject I do have a genuine interest in past times and how they relate to our lives today – seeing how people lived, what they wrote about, what they ate, drank and felt was important. The tale of Beowulf is still told today, it’s just dressed up differently.